In recent years, a new field of application of dry sodium chloride aerosol (DSCA) has started to develop – HaloSPA® technology.
More andmore people suffer from environmental pollution, and they turn to wellness and spa-centers looking for cleansing and sanitation of airways, trying
to escape from allergies, infections, and stresses. But none of the existing spa-methods have any direct sanitizing effect on bronchial tubes and lungs. And
it turns out, that the only body system, which interacts with the polluted environment at most, lies beyond the spa influence. New HaloSPA® technology is
brings the natural health-improving factors closer to a man. The core of HaloSPA® is creation of controlled salt aerosol healing micro-climate indoors, in the
salt rooms.
Our research of efficacy of DSCA application on practically healthy persons (i.e. tobacco-smokers, persons with risk factors of respiratory diseases, children
in preschools and schools) have revealed the fact, that DSCA is helpful and safe. The results of research demonstrated the stimulation of bronchial drainage
function and sanitary action of DSCA in persons with respiratory risk factor. DSCA relieves the main clinical signs of tobacco smokers (character of cough
and sputum), of tobacco smokers owing to decreased colonization activity of pathogenic microorganisms and increased SIgA. In persons with respiratory
risk factors, it improves host defense mechanisms and strengthens resistance of mucous membranes.
DSCA works as a “bronchial brush”. HaloSPA® opportunity to provide respiratory hygiene is the necessary element of spa-influence. DSCA has beneficial
influence not only on respiratory system, but on skin and hair as well, providing healing and cosmetic effect.
HaloSPA® provides multi-purpose health improvement for lungs, skin, and immune system, and considerably increases and enriches the range of health-
improving services. Usefulness of application of DSCA in a salt room is combined with comfort of the procedure. Stay in comfortable ambience of a salt room
and positive effect of HaloSPA®-procedure on psycho-emotional state, create additional opportunities and advantages for application of DSCA in spa and
wellness centers during health vacations.
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